Assisting a Wheelchair User

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Michel G. Pigeon

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3250 Boulevard Saint-Joseph
H1Y3G2 Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
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21/10/2020 (4 hours)
16.55 $ per hour
Hours Per Week: 
5 to 10

My name is Michel, I am a man in his fifties. I am a wheelchair user. I am looking for someone reliable and responsible to help me transfer from my wheelchair to my bed using a patient lift. This is a paid opportunity (hourly rate below).Other responsibilities include minor help with personal hygiene (changing urine drainage bag) and minor help with household maintenance (doing a couple of dishes every evening).*** TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED ***I am looking for someone interested in doing this job 3 to 7 evenings per week and keeping it over the long run (at least 3 months but ideally a few years or more).The hourly rate is $ 16.44 and evening shifts are paid 1.5 hours per evening. This job is paid through government funding. Therefore, the person I will be hiring needs to have a valid work permit.I live 5 minutes walking distance from Lafond Park (Rosemont neighborhood) in Montreal. I am looking for someone interested in doing late evening shifts. Ideally from 10 pm to 11:30 pm but the time can be negotiated if needed. I am open to adjusting it somewhat earlier or later.If you are interested, please contact meMichel G. Pigeon

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Not Necessary
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Not Necessary
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Willingness to learn, some related experience, I am looking for someone who speaks either English or French. *** TRAINING WILL BE PROVIDED ****

Deadline to Apply: 
Monday, November 30, 2020