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PhD/Specialized Tutors for GMAT & GRE Preparation: 1-to-1 sessions from ONLY $44.50/hr and small-group sessions from ONLY $24.50/hr! Hit the Books offers the highest-quality GMAT and GRE Prep Programs at the most competitive rates! These exams can be tricky! Even test-takers with great marks, a solid educational background, and extensive professional experience can be caught off-guard by difficult questions. Our mission is to give you the best preparation possible so you can boost your score on the exam day! Unique and Exclusive Features of our GMAT/GRE prep programs: • "Pay Only for One Session": Take advantage of a 33% discount for your first class! After, if you are completely satisfied, you have a choice of 4 unique GMAT/GRE Preparation Packages. We want you to LOVE your experience with Hit the Books! • Compare our 36-hour GMAT Prep Package at ONLY $44.50/hr (a 45% discount!) OR our 24-hour GMAT Prep Package at ONLY $53.50/hr (a 33% discount!) with the 25-hour Kaplan package at $155.96 per hour, and then MAKE A SMART DECISION! TRY IT and SEE that our rates as well as the high quality of our tutorials are both unbeatable! Your Potential Tutor for the Quantitative Section: Holding a PhD from Concordia University in Civil Engineering and currently completing an MBA at JMSB, he is specialized in preparing students for the quantitative sections of the GMAT and GRE exams. He has more than 10 years of professional experience teaching many different math-related courses. Your Potential Tutor for the Verbal Section: Holding an M.A. in English Literature from Brock University and an Honours B.A. in English and Creative Writing from Concordia, she is a native English speaker with 7 years experience as a tutor and TA. Specializing in the Verbal Section of GMAT and GRE exams, she is an excellent teacher of grammar, logic, and test-taking strategies! Rest assured you are in good hands! With our efficient Session Plans, GMAT Study Tips, and Prep Strategies, we help you maximize strengths, minimize flaws, and reach your target score. GMAT Preparation Registration Packages, which you can choose after your first (trial) session: Limited Time Special Offers: GE-18: GMAT or GRE Preparation, 18 One-to-one Tutorials (36 hours) at $44.50/hr (a 45% discount!) GE-12: 12 One-to-one Tutorials (24 hours) at $53.50/hr (a 33% discount!) GE-8: 8 One-to-one Tutorials (16 hours) at $59.50/hr (a 25% discount!) GE-4: 4 One-to-one Tutorials (8 hours) at $67.50/hr (a 15% discount!) Book Your Trial Session TODAY! info [at] (514) 699-2632Location: 1197 rue Crescent (downtown Montreal).