GSA Faculty Manager


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2030 Mackay
H3G 2J1 Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
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09/02/2018 (2 weeks)
19.38 $ per hour
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- Meet with GSA Advocacy Manager to assess the patterns across different advocacy issues affecting graduate students to evaluate what kind of lobbying or campaigning are necessary. 
- Advise and keep executives informed of policies salient issues especially related to education and student life, in the university, municipal, provincial and federal arenas, including but not limited to tuition fee education, university reliance on private funding, an gender, racial, cultural and economic disparities within the education system. 
- Research and prepare news briefings, position papers, policy briefs, fact sheets, backgrounders, discussion documents and other research material as required. 
- Meet with the VP- External, VP-Mobilization and Campaigns Committee to formulate and co ordinate a GSA campaign/advocacy plan around the above issues and developments. 
- In coordination with GSA Communications Officer, mobilize students around such issues( produce material, pass out flyers, table, do classroom visits, pass a sign up sheet) and recruit volunteers for GSA Campaigns Committee. 
- Ensure that departmental and faculty graduate student associations know about such campaigns and are prepared to discuss them with their department associations. 
- When relevant, coordinate with the GSA International Student Organizer to address the issues and problems facing International Students at Concordia, in Quebec and Canada. 
- Work with GSA Executives and Council members on internal or national campaigns. 
- Work with GSA Executives and Council members on mobilization of the members. 
- Act as primary contact person for GSA's departmental and faculty association executives and members. 
- Act as primary contact person for GSA's registered groups. 
- Oversee the application GSA's Allocation and Funding policies. 
- Maintain the existing comprehensive database of the contact information of departmental and faculty association executives. 
- Prepare newsletter for departmental and faculty associations. 
- Discern needs of associations as they arise and relay to GSA VP- Internal in order to meet departmental association's needs. 
- Liaise with Service Manager regarding association events being organized, and liaise with GSA Campaigns Advocate regarding association campaigns being organized. 
- Develop a guidebook to orient new departmental executives to Concordia. 
- Research different democratic mechanisms for department to interact and communicate. 
- When required advice GSA Executives and Council on GSA's policies.

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Deadline: 4:00 pm, Monday, January 15th, 2018

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Monday, January 15, 2018