PhD Outstanding Biology/Pharmacology Tutor: small groups from only $15.50/hr and 1-to-1 from $34.50/hr

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1-1197 Crescent
H3G 2B1 Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
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I am a PhD Candidate in Immunology at McGill University and have a Master's degree in Biology from NUS and Cambridge University in a collaborative project. For the last 8 years, I have been teaching and tutoring different courses in Biology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology in different undergrad and Cégep levels. I am very pleased that my students' testimonials, without fail, mark me as an excellent teacher and they all love my approach to teaching. I can tutor the following Concordia courses: BIOL 201: Introductory Biology,BIOL 202: General Biology,BIOL 261: Molecular and General Genetics,BIOL 226: Biodiversity and Ecology,BIOL 266: Cell Biology, andCHEM 271: Biochemistry I. For McGill, I can tutor the following courses: BIOL 115: Essential Biology, BIOL 111: Principles: Organismal Biology, BIOL 112: Cell & Molecular Biology, BIOL 200: Molecular Biology, BIOL 201: Cell Biology & Metabolism, PHAR 300: Drug Action, PHAR 301: Drugs & Disease, NUR1 311: Infection Prevention and Control, BIOL 215: Introduction to Ecology and Evolution, and PHGY 209:  Mammalian Physiology 1.>>One-to-one Tutoring from $34.50/hr >>Two-student tutoring from $23.50/hr >>Mini-group tutoring from $15.50/hr >For More Information, Please Contact me:>neda [at], info [at] 667-4535, (514) 699-2699