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1-1197 rue Crescent
H3G 2B1 Montreal , QC
Quebec CA
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10/01/2018 (3 weeks)

-Pursuing a M.A. in Interior Design - DEC in Sustainable Architecture at Herzing College -B.A. in Design, including architectural courses -Skilled in software and digital media -4 Years Experience tutoring AutoCAD -Dedicated, Motivated, Enthusiastic -One of the Most Valued Tutors in Our Team at “Hit the Books” Limited Time Special offers: One-To-One Tutoring from $34.50/hr (a 35% Discount!) 2-Student Tutoring from $23.50/hr (a 40% Discount) Mini-Group Tutoring (3 to 5 students) from ONLY $15.50/hr (a 45% Discount!) College Courses: Dawson510-130-DW Drawing from Observation 510-132-DW Visual Language 2D 510-133-DW Visual Language 3D 570-130-DW Materials I 570-131-DW Interior Design I 570-230-DW Materials II 570-131-DW Interior Design II 570-234-DW Presentation Techniques I 570-235-DW CAD I 570-236-DW Colour and Lighting I 570-331-DW Interior Design III 570-332-DW Construction Documents I 570-334-DW Presentation Techniques II 570-335-DW CAD II 570-336-DW Colour and Lighting II 570-431-DW Interior Design IV 510-530-DW 3D Studies 570-530-DW Furniture Design and Construction 570-531-DW Interior Design V 570-538-DW Human Factors: Code, Accessibility, Ergonomics 570-631-DW Interior Design VI 570-632-DW Construction Documents IV Vanier: 201-180-VA Mathematics for Architectural Technology 221-110-VA Computer Applications in Architecture 221-120-VA Architectural Drawing I 221-130-VA Introduction to Architectural Technology 221-150-VA Architectural Design and Presentation I 221-210-VA Computer Aided Drawing I 221-220-VA Architectural Drawing 2 221-280-VA Construction Safety and Site Preparation 221-310-VA Computer Aided Drawing 2 221-320-VA Project 1 221-350-VA Design and Presentation 2 221-510-VA Computer Aided Drawing 3 221-520-VA Project 3 221-530-VA Interior Systems and Circulation 221-620-VA Project 4 221-630-VA Innovative Technologies 221-650-VA Architectural Rendering Herzing: Applied Mathematics for Architecture Technical Architectural and Architectural Drawing Analysis and Design Statements of Green Buildings Architectural Drawing I Architectural Drawing II Green Building – Building Cultural Sustainable, Industrial and Commercial Buildings Green Building Interiors LaSalle: Three-Dimensional Design Drawing Techniques (AutoCAD) Colours & Effects Lighting Materials and Finishes Interior Design I 60 h Applied Colour I Interior Architecture I 3D Modelling for Interior Design Interior Layout Planning II Furniture Design and Production I Interior Layout Planning III Contact: info [at] hitthebooks.ca 514-699-2632 514-699-2699 www.hitthebooks.ca facebook.com/HittheBooks.ca