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 Dr. Wrosch of the Psychology Department at Concordia University is conducting research with young adults (18 – 35 years).Participants must complete a questionnaire in the lab  - approximately 1 hour - and complete a daily diary - approximately 10 minutes each day - for the 7 following days at home. Compensation $50. Interested?Email ersstudy [at] gmail.com or call (514) 848-2424 ext. 2236.

CSU IT Director


The IT Director is responsible for the administration, implementation, and maintenance of all IT resources at the CSU. The IT Director will provide support to staff, volunteers, and CSU club members, for the CSU infrastructure, websites, and for the CSU’s hardware and software assets. The IT Director will be expected to research and implement new solutions to simplify and optimize CSU tasks and resources in accordance with the technical standards established by management.


Maintains servers, workstations, network hardware and printers, and anticipates any potential issues to perform preventative maintenance.

Assists CSU technology users (including management, employees, volunteers, and clubs) with software and hardware troubleshooting and printing, by phone and/or e-mail. The IT Director will be the first point of contact when issues arise with technology at the CSU, and provides resolutions alone, or escalating issues to outside IT firms.

Responsible for creation and suspension of user and e-mail accounts, and maintaining an up-to-date database of active users

Develops and maintains appropriate documentation relating to all IT procedures, systems, maintenance tasks etc.

Responsible for the inventory management of software licenses, software, hardware, and other IT supplies; performs user needs assessments and makes recommendations for the purchase of software, hardware and other IT supplies.

Acting as Webmaster for the CSU, the IT Director will be responsible for the operation of all CSU websites

Proposes and executes projects to improve IT operability or reliability of CSU systems; clearly articulating roles, project goals, and timelines; establishes responsible deadlines and personal work plans in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Participate and recommend the IT budget for the upcoming year.

Monitor IT budget.

Coordinates for the administration and maintenance of the printing and telephone systems.

Promotes responsible usage and care of CSU equipment.

Recommend cost saving initiatives as well as process and productivity improvements.

Technical Competencies: 

AEC, DEC, DEP or other post-secondary education in information technology, computer sciences, or related field

1 to 2 years’ experience in a medium sized network of servers, desktop systems, and communication devices using current technologies.

Complete understanding and familiarity with computer hardware components, networking principals, and ability to diagnose issues and perform repairs on computer equipment, both PC and Mac.

Good knowledge of Microsoft software, including Operating Systems (Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, 2012), end-user software (Microsoft Office, Project), and server software (Exchange 2013, Active Directory, Microsoft DNS and DHCP).

Proficiency with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and CPanel

Basic knowledge of programming languages – PHP, HTML/CSS, bash, Powershell.

Experience with Drupal 7

Proficiency with Google Apps/G-Suite

Knowledge of VMWare ESXI v5.1

GSA Finance Manager



- Maintain all records, ledgers, receipts and documents pertaining to the financial affairs of the GSA. 
- Provide monthly, quarterly and o-demand financial report to the GSA Council of Directors and Executive. 
- Prepare all financial statements for audit purposes. 
- Act as signing officer, along with the executive for GSA accounts. 
- Attend and report at GSA Budget Committee meetings. 
- Work with university administrators in maintaining internal accounts. 
- Perform any other tasks deemed necessary by the GSA Council of Directors.. 
- Maintain a minimum of 2 regular office hours per week. 
- Ensure timely payments of all GSA staff. 
- Ensure GSA financial policies are upheld.

Here are few requirements

Applicant with accounting, finance background will be preferred
Students studying CA,CPA will also be considered
Solid knowledge of QuickBooks Online is preferred. Familiarity with other online accounting systems is an asset
Excellent team playing ability is needed.
Strong knowledge of taxation, audit and trial balance is an asset. Familiarity with Revenue Quebec and CRA is advantageous
Working knowledge of budgeting and financial planning, bank reconciliation and operations is desirable.
Strong knowledge of community organizations, not-for-profit and student associations is highly desirable
Understanding of NPO laws, Unions and board governance is an asset
Excellent written and oral communication skills, time management and prioritizing ability is desired
Must have strong ethics, calm demeanor and problem solving ability.

The requirements are not limited to those above but are important for consideration.

Send your resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript in a single pdf to info@gsaconcordia.ca with subject line "Finance Manager - Application"

Deadline: 4:00 pm, Monday, January 15th, 2018

GSA Outreach Coordinator


- Produce a GSA Outreach Plan each semester. 
- Organize class visits. 
- Organize flyering and outreach activities. 
- Postering when necessary. 
- Flyering when necessary. 
- Interface with appropriate resources to determine quantity of mobilization material. 
- Assist with mobilization tasks when relevant. 
- Support General assembly organisation. 
- Work with fee levy organisation to support their mandates and GSA mandates.

Send your resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript in a single pdf to info@gsaconcordia.ca with subject line "Outreach Coordinator - Application"

Deadline: 4:00 pm, Monday, January 15th, 2018

GSA Faculty Manager


- Meet with GSA Advocacy Manager to assess the patterns across different advocacy issues affecting graduate students to evaluate what kind of lobbying or campaigning are necessary. 
- Advise and keep executives informed of policies salient issues especially related to education and student life, in the university, municipal, provincial and federal arenas, including but not limited to tuition fee education, university reliance on private funding, an gender, racial, cultural and economic disparities within the education system. 
- Research and prepare news briefings, position papers, policy briefs, fact sheets, backgrounders, discussion documents and other research material as required. 
- Meet with the VP- External, VP-Mobilization and Campaigns Committee to formulate and co ordinate a GSA campaign/advocacy plan around the above issues and developments. 
- In coordination with GSA Communications Officer, mobilize students around such issues( produce material, pass out flyers, table, do classroom visits, pass a sign up sheet) and recruit volunteers for GSA Campaigns Committee. 
- Ensure that departmental and faculty graduate student associations know about such campaigns and are prepared to discuss them with their department associations. 
- When relevant, coordinate with the GSA International Student Organizer to address the issues and problems facing International Students at Concordia, in Quebec and Canada. 
- Work with GSA Executives and Council members on internal or national campaigns. 
- Work with GSA Executives and Council members on mobilization of the members. 
- Act as primary contact person for GSA's departmental and faculty association executives and members. 
- Act as primary contact person for GSA's registered groups. 
- Oversee the application GSA's Allocation and Funding policies. 
- Maintain the existing comprehensive database of the contact information of departmental and faculty association executives. 
- Prepare newsletter for departmental and faculty associations. 
- Discern needs of associations as they arise and relay to GSA VP- Internal in order to meet departmental association's needs. 
- Liaise with Service Manager regarding association events being organized, and liaise with GSA Campaigns Advocate regarding association campaigns being organized. 
- Develop a guidebook to orient new departmental executives to Concordia. 
- Research different democratic mechanisms for department to interact and communicate. 
- When required advice GSA Executives and Council on GSA's policies.

Send your resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript in a single pdf to info@gsaconcordia.ca with subject line "Faculty Manager - Application"

Deadline: 4:00 pm, Monday, January 15th, 2018