On Campus

Campaigns Researcher


Part of the CSU’s mandate is to produce educational materials for its members on issues relevant to students and related to campaigns, and the mandates of the CSU. Under the supervision of the Campaigns Coordinator, the Campaigns Researcher will be responsible for researching issues, writing reports and developing argumentation. These will be utilized in the production of flyers, pamphlets, popular education documents relevant to CSU campaigns and representation on academic bodies within the University.

Responsibilities include:

Under the supervision of the Campaigns Coordinator, this person will:

  • Research issues, write reports and develop argumentation as required by the Campaigns department;
  • Outreach to outside organizations to gather relevant information;
  • Research information to be used in CSU pamphlets, flyers, infographics, and educational materials;
  • Collaborate in the composition of flyers, pamphlets, reports, and other information materials required for outreach with external bodies or for campaigns purposes and internal University bodies;
  • Perform other related duties.


Campaigns Assistant


The Campaigns Assistant will inform and mobilize students on the annual campaign of the CSU and other CSU campaigns as seen in the CSU positions book*, under the supervision of the Campaigns Coordinator. They will achieve this through classroom announcements, postering, leafleting, tabling, social media outreach and by assisting in the organization of various campaigns events. They will be responsible for volunteer recruitment, training and coordination. The Campaigns Assistant may not be required to work on non-campaign events, such as the CSU orientation, or for the CSU services.





·         Assisting the Campaigns Coordinator, and the External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator to define and design the scope of a campaign, and develop a strategic plan for the annual as well as other CSU campaigns;

·         Staying informed about the social political issues the CSU is campaigning on;

·         Promoting the campaigns and campaigns related events of the CSU on the ground and by online means, under the direction of the Campaigns Coordinator;

·         Recruiting, training and coordinating volunteers;

·         Taking part in the organization of campaigns related events, including procurement, production of information materials, set-up and take-down of event installations;

·         Developing collaborations and long-term partnerships with campus and off-campus organizations as required by the Campaigns department;

·         Attending related meetings as required by campaigns department.


Driver, Delivery, and Support Person


The Hive Free Lunch Program is located both at the heart of Concordia University’s Loyola campus, the Hive Café Co-op’s mission is to provide healthy, varied, affordable, organic, and locally produced food options, while highlighting sustainable practices, employing dignified working conditions for suppliers and worker-members alike, nurturing a community-run space, and fostering an alternative food system to the one currently dominated by corporate institutional providers.Hive Free Lunch Program offers a free vegan, nut free lunch every school day at the Loyola Campus between 12:30 and 1:30 PM. We aim to provide quality, nutritious food, while considering the social and environmental impact of the food we consume. The Hive Free Lunch Program provides a unique opportunity to foster a sense of community around food. Everyone works hard to develop an anti-oppressive environment, creating a safer space to share and learn cooking skills together.This position works with the Hive Free Lunch Program Coordinators to facilitate food delivery and food transformation for the Hive Free Lunch team! Job Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure punctual, efficient, timely pick-up and delivery of food from Moisson Montreal to the 2nd floor of the SC building where the Free Lunch Program is located
  • Physically carrying the food items up the two flights of stairs to the Free Lunch Kitchen
  • Putting away and storing food items appropriately according to MAPAQ regulations
  • Picking up and delivering dry ingredients from Aubut or other supply stores as needed
  • Assisting with transformation of ingredients from Moisson Montreal
  • Supporting Free Lunch team with daily tasks on pick-up/delivery days, such as chopping, cooking, serving, cleaning, canning, freezing, etc…
  • Occasionally replacing Coordinators as needed if one of them is sick or unavailable

**Unfortunately, due to the location of the Hive Free Lunch Program (on the 2nd floor of the SC building, where there is no elevator to date) and the needs of the program, the person hired will be required to perform intense physical labor, carrying large amounts of food upstairs and subsequently arranging it in storage. We recognize that this limits the position to folks who are physically able to perform these tasks and recognize the inaccessibility of program in that regard, and apologize that this is an exclusionary factor for many.