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I recently graduated from Concordia University in Cell and Molecular Biology with a GPA of 4.02. I have been tutoring science courses for the past several years and throughout my studies also acted as a teaching assistant for these courses. For all the courses that I tutor, I prepare notes according to your lecture notes. For some courses like biochemistry I have even put together a coursepack that covers what you really need to learn from the course and still do excellent. If you need help with any of the following courses please contact me at: iTutorScience [at] gmail.com or text at 514-589-6783. The following course numbers correspond to Concordia curriculum but I tutor students from other universities as well as CEGEPs. -Pre-Calculus (MATH 200)-Calculus I & II (MATH 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 208, 209) -Organic Chemistry (CHEM 221, 222) -General Chemistry (CHEM 205, 206, 208) -Biochemistry (CHEM 271, 375) -Analytical Chemistry (CHEM 212) Rate for individual sessions: $ 30 / hour / person Rate for paired sessions: $ 20/ h / person (The rate goes down as more people are added to the group). Thank you

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Stay ahead of the curve with Gradesavers Weeklies!  Register today: www.gradesavers.com or call (514) 849-2586 Weeklies available for the courses below: COMM CLASSES:COMM 215 / COMM 217 / COMM 220 / COMM 225 / COMM 305 / COMM 308 ECON CLASSES:ECON 201 / ECON 203 / FINA CLASSES:FINA 385 / FINA 395 / FINA 230 /     

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Cours de Pilote D'avion, Emploi Sécure. Contactez nous au 514-315-8762 La session commence bientôt: Prenez rendez vous et venez nous visiter pour vous informer sur le métier de pilote et les programmes que nous offrons. C'est une courte période de formation 18 mois:diplômes et certifications sont accrédités par le Ministère de L'Enseignement supérieur et Transport Canada.Devenez Pilote Professionnel au COLLÈGE AÉRONAUTIQUE. Où des cours de pilotage sont offerts. 1.- Taux de réussite élevé pour obtenir votre licence de pilote d'avion professionnel. 2.- Tarifs de vol horaires compétitifs. 3.- Facilités de paiement des Frais de scolarité et financement disponible. 4.- Formation continue intensive par des instructeurs expérimentés. 5.- Coaching motivé pour une carrière impressionnante. Les pilotes sont en demande et très bien payés: suivez votre passion et Réussissez votre carrière. 6.- Votre travail est sécurisé avec le Collège Aéronautique & Académie d'Aéronautique, car ils embauchent leurs propres pilotes diplômés certifiés. 7.- Sélectionnez la spécialisation que vous aimez: cours pilotes privés, formation de pilote professionnel et cours de qualification aux instruments. Maintenance et réparation d'aéronefs. 8.- Ecrire et envoyer un courriel à info [at] academyofaeronautics.com pour obtenir une documentation détaillée sur le programme d'études, les cours et des renseignements pratiques sur la vie étudiante. VISITEZ LE SITE www.academyofaeronautics.com vous pouvez appeler registraire demander LilianLe téléphone pour votre Admission en cours. 514.315.8762 AdresseCOLLÈGE D'AÉRONAUTIQUEACADEMIE AERONAUTIQUE DU CANADA300 MARCEL LAURIN, suite 200, VSL,MONTREAL, QC, H4M 2L6CANADA============ ENGLISH TRANSLATION HEREAFTER ======= To Become An Airplane Pilot, Contact Us Now to inquire about how to become a professional pilot at the Flying School COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICSOffering Pilot training courses, Accepting applications for Professional Airline Pilot Training - Enrollment open now at the COLLEGE D'AERONAUTIQUE (Accredited College) 1.- High success rate to get your Professional Airplane Pilot License 2.- Competitive hourly flying rates 3.- Tuition fees Payment facilities and financing 4.- Intensive - Ongoing training by experienced instructors 5.- Motivated coaching for an impressive career. Pilots are in demand and highly paid: Follow your passion and get a successful career. 6.- Your job is secured with the College Aeronautique & Academy of Aeronautics as they hires their own certified qualified graduate pilots. 7.- Select the specialisation you like: Private Pilot Courses, Commercial Pilot training & Instrument Rating Courses. Aiplane maintenance and repair. 8.- Write and send an email to info [at] academyofaeronautics.com to obtain detailed curriculum / courses/ programs documentation and practical student life written information. VISIT WEBSITE www.academyofaeronautics.com you can Call registrar Ask For Lilianongoing admissions. 514.315.8762 Collège Aéronautique – Academy of Aeronautics of CanadaACADEMIE AERONAUTIQUE DU CANADA300 MARCEL LAURIN, suite 200, VSL,MONTREAL, QC, H4M 2L6CANADA

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Hi guys!!! If you've clicked this ad, that means you must be very interested in learning Mandarin!!!

Yasss! As you all know, Mandarin has become one of the most popular second language people choose to learn. WHY? Because, it's spoken by the largest amount of people around the world, plus it is valuable to be able to explore  worldwide opportunities. Whether it be in  local Chinese companies or in non-Chinese companies who want to do business in China, mandarin is an essential asset. 

I'm an international student who was born and raised in China. During my 3-year experience in Montreal, I've taught Mandarinto my friends from various backgrounds from: Korea, Canada, Australia, America, Kenya, Norway and Morocco etc. 

It is fun experience, both for my friends and myself. I teach it through casual or professional conversation, which can give you chance to use and practicewhat you've learned, right after every class.

The price is very affodable and it will depend on your level. I will provide you with appropriate learning materials, whether you only know how to say "Nihao", or you need a partner to practice your business presentation with.


I will give you a free 45-minute trail class anytime you want, so then you can decide if you want to spend 2 hours every week with me :))))

If you want to contact me, text me by 514-573-9288, or email me at danxihuang816@gmail.com

Life is short, learn a valuable language and expand your horizon!

Look forward to meeting you sometime in the future!

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The Writer's Block is a Montréal-based writing, editing and translation company, specialized in the art of effective and concise professional and academic writing. Whether you need help drafting a mind-blowing presentation or require someone to edit your paper with a fine-tooth comb, we're here to help you succeed. We also offer one-on-one tutoring sessions for students struggling with a particular subject or assignment.For more details, check us out at www.twbmontreal.com or drop us a line at info [at] twbmontreal.comWishing you a great day,The Writer's Block