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STUDENT JOBSARTS – SCIENCE & ENGINEERING – DESIGN – LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP SEPTEMBER TO JUNEFIND WORK AVAILABLE:– IN YOUR FIELD OF STUDY– BASED ON YOUR INTERESTS We are recruiting now! What is Youth Fusion?Youth Fusion is an award-winning charity that contributes to the perseverance, employability and civic engagement of youth by implementing innovative experiential learning projects that create ongoing links between school systems and the community. Every week, we work with 13,000 youth in over 200 schools in rural, urban, and Indigenous communities.What does a Project Coordinator at Youth Fusion do?A project coordinator leads youth through a creative and motivating experiential project during the school year. Being a coordinator means working with teachers to develop and lead classroom activities. These activities help make school learning more engaging for youth.Why be part of the Youth Fusion team?     - To make a difference with youth     - To acquire authentic work experience in your field of study      - To develop a professional network in your industry and build partnerships with local businessesWho makes an ideal project coordinator?     - You have worked and interacted with youth before     - You have strong time management and organizational skills     - You easily meet established deadlines     - You find it easy to adopt a leadership role within a group     - You have certain technical skills specific to your programAbove all, we are looking for project coordinators with a passion for their work who want to gain experience and engage youth through active learning. DOMAIN: ARTS- CINEMA       (High school 1 à 5) MEDIA PRODUCTIONS   (Elementary : Grade 2 to 6) - DIGITAL ARTS      (High school 1 à 5) - DRAMATIC ARTS (Elementary : Grade 4 to 6) arts-2020-2021/       DOMAIN: SCIENCE & ENGINEERING- ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE  (High school 3 à 5) - VIDEO GAME DESIGN    (Elementary and/or High school) - ROBOTICS              (Elementary and/or High school) SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY  (Elementary : Grade 5 to 6) DOMAIN: DESIGN- EXHIBITION DESIGN      (High school 1 à 5) FASHION DESIGN              (High school 3 à 5) ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN      (Elementary : Grade 4 to 6; High school 1 to 5) LEADERSHIP & ENTREPRENEURSHIP- ENTREPRENEURSHIP     (Elementary : Grade 3 to 5; High school 1 to 5)              Find out more :