6 1|2 Hochelaga

Salut - Hi there,
Looking for a roomie for 2019-2020 in a spacious 6 1/2 (only two rooms) for at least one year.
500$ with internet per month. Electrcity : 20$ during warm season and 80-120 during winter (every two months)
Room unfirnished ; appartment furnished 
Recently finished my Minor in Sociology at Université de Montréal, starting my Major in Community, Public Affairs and Policy Studies at Concordia. I'm pretty politicaly involved with an upbeat lifestyle. Home is the safe and chill space. I speak French and English, and I share Caribbean and ''Quebec'' heritage.
Advantages :
- In front of a beautiful park
- Will be gone for the month of July in communities  (friends will facilitate your stay)
- Spacious appartment
- Calm during weekdays/ friend gatherings some weekends (schedule is evidently not the same during the summer time)
- Queer-friendly 
- 15-20 from le Plateau, Olympic Stadium, LaFontaine Park, Dowtown ! 
- McGill and Concordia University (30 minutes), UQAM (25), UdeM (45) 
- Bike path 2 minutes away
- Stores/Bars/Restaurants (2 minutes away)
- Interesting and fun year
More picture on demand !