Painter/Crew Chief (longueuil)


Hello, Student Works Painting is currently hiring painters for residential painting projects during the winter semester (weekends) and the summer. We inform you that that applying to this position right now may garuantee you a full-time position during the summer that will provide you with a much more lucrative salary.THIS JOB IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Only those who show high levels of motivation, coachablilty, teamwork, and autonomy will be selected to fill this role. If you are looking to develop your manual skillsm your management skills, and communication skills this is the right place for you. IF you are someone who is characterised like the previous description please continue reading.Gain from working as a Painter/Crew Chief1.        Bonuses2.       Increasing salary every 2 weeks3.       Management experince on your CV4.       Become manual5.      Experience working with motivated individuals like yourself The job consists of:1. Cleaning, preping, and painting walls and other surfaces2. Climbing ladders, working outdoors (During summer)3. Having fun, listening to music, and new people How does it work? (Season starts very soon and spots are filling up quickly)1.  If you apply now you may be garuenteed a spot for the full time position over the summer2. The shifts are 8-10 hours a day over the weekend this is 20 hours, during th summer translates to 40-60 hours a week3. YOU MUST HAVE A CAR4. After exams those chosen can continue as full time painters for the rest of ther summer. You can reach me from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M.514-431-7179hhilaire [at] peintresetudiants.caLEAVE ME YOUR FULL NAME AND NUMBER IF YOU ARE SENDING ME AN EMAIL OR TEXT