Social Media Director


Reporting to and under the direction of the Student Life Coordinator, the Social Media Director works with the Marketing Director to promote and effectively communicate CSU events, campaigns, meetings, elections and any other activities that the Executive want to promote or advertise. The Social Media Director will primarily achieve these goals by managing social media pages and attending CSU events to take pictures and video.

The Social Media Director will be responsible for the following:

Social Media Management

-        Managing the content on the, but not limited to, CSU Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts

-        Answering messages sent to the CSU social media account and forwarding the information to the executive as necessary

-        Strategizing and optimizing social media presence

-        Creating a social media schedule, routine, and voice that encourages engagement with CSU social media

-     Attending CSU events, workshops, services to take pictures and videos to upload to Social Medias

-     Engage with students for in person interviews at events and talk with students to promote the CSU

Video Production

-        Organizing the production of video content for the CSU

CSU Graphic Design team

-        Work in close cooperation with the design team to ensure optimal visual and effective communication.

Other Duties

-     In cooperation with executives, develop and implement a comprehensive communications strategy for the CSU.     

-     Communicating and collaborating with the CSU executive and campaigns team to ensure all CSU projects and services are given adequate advertisement around campus.

-        Monthly reports to executives on activities and initiatives

-        Perform other related duties relative to the Social Media Directors position