Psychology Books and a General Biology Book...


Hello all.I have several books for sale that are in like new condition and still have unused redeemable codes from when I previosuly took the following classes:PSYC 340 - (in binder as looseleaf)PSYC 315 - (in binder as looseleaf)PSYC 321 - (in binder as looseleaf)PSYC 325 - (in binder as looseleaf)PSYC 355 - (hardcover book)BIOL 201/202 (in binder as looseleaf)I am willing to sell the looseleafs in the binder for 30$ each and the hardcover for 50$.If you would like to buy them all I am willing to sell the lot for 120$.Please email me if interested and we can set a meeting at either campus to get them to you.Thank you.