Are you taking Cal 1 (MATH 203) this summer?

  • Licensed high-school math teacher available this July and August to help you get through MATH 203, aka Differential & Integral Calculus I.


  • If you are struggling with material from previous years while trying to wrap your mind around limits and derivatives, I can help! I’m a patient tutor who strives to explain mathematics as simply as I can. I learn through examples and teach from them too.


  • Last year I took Math 203 to refresh my Calculus 1 skills and did well in the course. I believe tutoring high-school math for six years ensured I had the foundation necessary to succeed.


  • My rate is $30 per hour for one-on-one lessons ($10 off the first hour!). I’m available weekdays until the end of the term and on the weekend during the exam period. I prefer to meet at the downtown campus, but I could meet at Loyola or another public space should we both be nearby.


  • Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck with Cal 1 this summer!


  • PS. Sorry for the strange formatting. It was the only way I could create separate paragraphs!