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Spanish tutoring


Ècole es langues MARA.

I am an engineer graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (1988). My mother tongue is Spanish and I fluently speak English, French and Spanish. 

I give Spanish practice written and conversation according to the SPAN 200, SPAN 201, SPAN 202 and SPAN 240, that are dispensed in the Spanish department located at Concordia University.

I use technical vocabulary in the scientific, engineering, business and human sciences fields. In other words, I give custom made lessons.

The lessons are given according to the student needs.

The lessons are given to one, two, three or four students at the same time in a location decided with the students, 

The rate is:

one student: 11.25$ per hour 

two students: 10$ per hour per persona

three students: 9$ per hour per persona

four students (maximum of students accepted): 8$ per hour per persona

Please contact me at: mobile 4389989307

Office: 4383876001


I also give invoices for contact purpose.

CFC Food System Action Researcher



The overall aim of this research project is to work with Concordia’s current food groups to support and contribute to their efforts to build a stronger coalition of food groups that will improve the food system within the university.


- Needs and Assets mapping
- Contacting and establishing relationship with all food groups on campus
- Review the questionnaire and consultative processes
- Administer the survey (three parts) by meeting with various stakeholders in each food
group and following up with them at each step
- Synthesizing and analyzing of all the data after survey is administered
- Coordinating design and presentation of the survey results in digestible print formats (eg.
- Coordinating the facilitation of merging the Concordia Food Groups website and the CFC
- Coordinating World Cafe meeting (during Bite Me week- September 2019)
- Organizing all food groups to convene and discuss the data from survey
- Spearhead the public discussion on establishing a coalition or federation for ConU food
- Reporting
- Writing a final report with findings
- Writing a report about the world cafe
- Presenting report to student groups
- Remaining accountable to the CFC Board and coordinators (liaising where
- Participating in necessary visioning and strategic planning when requested

Contract Timeline

Tentative Start Date: May 1st, 2019
Tentative End Date: October 1st, 2019
Hours/ Week: 20/week
Wage/Hour: $16/hr


Please send your CV and cover letter to internal@concordiafoodcoalition.com by April 26th,