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No living cost - interdependent community project


Hello, I am a 30-year-old entrepreneur with spinal muscular atrophy, who has recently moved into a beautiful 3-bedroom apartment in front of Park Lafontaine, by creating an interdependent housing project. In exchange of taking care of me evenings and weekends, my two roommates get to live expense-free; meaning that rent, utilities, and food are completely covered. One of my roommates is also my partner, she is a lovely 28 years old individual who is currently completing their studies at Concordia, I also have a full-time caretaker during the week that assists me in my everyday tasks. I met my partner 3 years ago, and have built a wonderful relationship over time. We want to share our space with an individual that has similar values, and that wants to contribute to our little community and not someone who is there for the financial benefits. We are looking for someone who would be available 2–3 evenings a week and 1 day during the weekend to take care of me and that can also assist with the following tasks: • Hygiene (brushing teeth, washing, and using the bathroom)• Transfer from my electric chair to my bed• Cooking meals• House cleaning tasks• Adjust my sleeping position at night if needed• Driving (*must have a valid driver license to qualify) Preferences:• No cigarette smokers (we are cannabis-friendly).• No pets. These tasks represent 1–2 hours of caretaking per evening and 3–4 hours of your time during the weekend. You must also be present at nighttime in case of an emergency. We are aware that considering the COVID-19 crisis physical contact is no longer possible which is why we will organize to meet all interested candidates virtually via Zoom in the meantime. Ideally the move in date would be for the end of May but we are flexible if it's not possible for that person. If you are interested please write to us at the following email: bernier.francois89 [at] by sharing why you would be the ideal living companion.