Tips for finding and renting an apartment during the pandemic

26th November 2020 Safrine Mouajou

Apartment hunting is a little different now than it was pre-pandemic. Here are a few tips to aid in your search!

  • Given the extraordinary situation, try to arrange a virtual visit of the apartment: you may ask the landlord for a visit via Skype or FaceTime.  If you do decide to visit the dwelling in person, make sure to respect social distancing practices (2m) and take safety precautions, such as wearing a mask, not touching your face and washing your hands before & after the visit. Most importantly, if you feel sick, don’t visit an apartment in person – a virtual visit can be just as helpful! 
  • Ask the landlord any questions you have.  
  •  Ask about the unit’s history with vermin, pests, and damages.   
  •  Clarify what would be included in the rent and what is your responsibility.  
  • Check the checklist in our resources for more things to look out for! 


  • Deposits for more than first month’s rent are not permitted in in Quebec, a landlord cannot ask you for anything more than the first months’ rent  
  •  If you sign a rental application and are accepted, you are legally obligated to sign a lease. Therefore, refrain from signing multiple applications at once 
  •  Landlords cannot ask you for your SIN (social insurance number), student visa, credit card or photocopy any of your personal information, though they can verify your name and address with a piece of photo ID.  
  •  Often the costs of heating and electricity aren’t included with your rent. You can check Hydro Quebec for the approximate cost of your electricity bill: 


HOJO offers the Classifieds website as a means for Concordia students to browse off campus affordable housing. 

In addition, we created This is a website we have created that offers useful information about different aspects of renting an apartment in Montreal. Browse through the different resources and information, especially for information on renting in Montreal and to learn about different Montreal neighborhoods.