Do you want to move out? How to send a notice of non-renewal

22nd February 2021 Safrine Mouajou

In most places, a contract is over once the length of the agreement is up. Not Quebec though, Quebec likes to be special. Once you sign a Lease in Quebec, it automatically renews for 99 years (Its not as scary as it sounds! It gives tenants the right to maintain occupancy, but we shall leave that up for debate,yes?)

In order to leave at the end of the lease, the tenant has to send the landlord a written notice of non renewal at very specific time frames, depending on their lease.

For a lease of 12 months or more: 3-6 months before the end of the lease

For a lease of less than 12 months: 1-2 months before the end of the lease

For a lease of indeterminate term: 1-2 months before the desired end of the lease

You can find the Notice of non-renewal of the Tribunal Administratif du logement’s website, or contact us as HOJO!

Remember that if you get a notice of rental increase, you have to reply with your intention of non-renewal within 30 days