Rent with confidence: Navigating rental applications and lease agreements

11th July 2023 emily phillipps

Are you excited about finding an apartment in Montreal? Don’t miss out on this informative workshop where we guide you through every step of the rental process, ensuring a smooth journey from submitting a rental application to confidently signing a lease. Gain insights and practical tips from experts as we demystify the process of rental applications and help you navigate the lease signing process. Whether you’re a first-time renter or looking to gain more information on renting in Montreal, join us for an engaging session filled with valuable information and guidance. Don’t let the rental process overwhelm you - let us help you unlock the door to your future rental!

Tuesday July 11th 11am

Thursday July 20th 3pm

Monday July 24th 7pm–pqD0tEtc4_M7KkSja007EQsvFusfx

Thursday July 27th 10am–pqD0tEtc4_M7KkSja007EQsvFusfx

Friday August 4th 11am

Tuesday August 8th 11am

Thursday August 17th