S.O.S. Hearing at the TAL

15th September 2021 Cecilia Marangon

Whether you received a convocation for a hearing filed by your landlord or you opened a case against your landlord you should prepare yourself for the hearing. 

How do I prepare for a hearing? 

Collect all your documents! You will have to show: 

  • Proof of notification for the application and any amendments 

  • The lease and any subsequent notices of modifications to it 

  • The mandate, if you mandate someone else 

Depending on the type of hearing you may need other documents: 

  • Notices required by law  

  • The formal demand letters 

  • Correspondence 

  • The new lessee’s lease (for example, after the former lessee abandoned the premises) 

  • The former lessee’s lease, for an application filed by a new lessee for rent to be fixed 

  • Proof of advertising (newspaper clippings and corresponding invoices) 

  • Invoices and proofs of payment 

  • Photographs 

  • Readings of temperature and humidity levels 

  • Any other relevant document 

Once you have all your documents ready, you should also prepare your speech: depending on the case itself you may have time to express to the administrative judge your concerns. 

It can be stressful to prepare for all this, but we can help! Email us at hojo@csu.qc.ca