Don't let your pipes freeze this winter!

15 décembre 2021Leanne Ashworth

Mind Your pipes! 

Winter is cold here in Montreal. The temperature can fall to as low as –40 Celsuis and these low temperatures can also affect the water pipes in your home. Water can freeze inside your pipes blocking the flow and causing damage to your apartment and potentially your neighbours apartment too. In the freezing and melting process, the cold can crack your pipes at joints, valves, or other points within the system. Sometimes, when the ice in the freezing and melting process, pressure builds, causing pipes to to burst which can cause damage.   

It is important to keep the heat on at your apartment in the winter- even if you are out of town, so as not to have the water in the pipes freeze or burst. If your pipes do freeze, this is a serious situation and you need to let your landlord know immediately. If you are having trouble reaching your landlord by phone, make sure to attempt other written methods including email and/or registered mail. When a landlord learns of this issue, they can take a look and bring in a professional to minimize the damage to the pipes and building.  

Remember, it is tenants’ responsibility to maintain their apartment which includes continuing to have an adequate indoor temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing when temperatures drop below zero outside. Keeping your indoor temperature at 12-15 degrees even when leaving town should keep pipes unfrozen and help you avoid this problem.